Living Richer Podcast

If you want to learn about personal finance from a trusted expert in simple, everyday language then Living Richer is the podcast for you. Mark has been a financial advisor for over two decades, and in this podcast, he takes the fear out of personal finance and provides you with the tools and know-how to build and implement a realistic personalized plan, invest and budget wisely, and avoid common mistakes. Listen to Living Richer and go beyond just dollars and cents to get on track to achieve your life goals.



Show Notes

Episode 10: The four best ways to use your tax refund.

In this episode of Living Richer, I will tell you my advice on how you can best use your tax refund to help you reach your financial goals.

Episode 9: Lessons from my Mentor

In this episode of Living Richer, I share with you the top lessons I have learned from the world’s best investor – Warren Buffett. His advice is pretty simple and definitely worth a listen for any investor.

Episode 8: How to get out of Debt

This podcast is for anyone who wants to better understand debt or is struggling to get out from under it. I'll take you through the steps you need to take to put a successful plan into action.

Episode 7: Understanding Registered Accounts: From RRSPs to TFSAs, RRIFs and more

In this episode of the Living Richer Podcast I discuss everything you need to know and do when it comes to registered accounts. Learn key strategies to save on taxes, get free money and grow your wealth.

Episode 6: Using a budget to build your wealth faster and spend more freely

In this episode of Living Richer, I’ll explain what a zero-based budget is and how it will help you build your wealth faster, while spending more freely. I’ll take you through the exact steps you need to follow to create and put into action your own zero-based budget.

Your Detailed Budget Worksheet

Episode 5: How to Design an Investment Portfolio

In this episode of Living Richer, I’ll take you through the steps in designing an investment portfolio and the important role diversification plays in reducing risk.

Episode 4: New Year's Edition

In this special New Year’s episode, I’ll take you through my 12 resolutions to help get your finances on track for 2019.

12 Financial Resolutions for 2019

Episode 3: Financial Discovery

In this episode, I’ll explain how to accurately evaluate your current financial situation, identify the financial requirements of where you want to go and then create a realistic strategy to get there.

Inflation Calculator | Your Detailed Budget Worksheet

Episode 2: Goals Discovery

This episode explores the first steps in getting started on your financial plan. I’ll take you through the first part of our discovery process and explain how you can get a better understanding of your goals and priorities through a values map exercise.

Values Map

Episode 1: Living Richer Introduction

In this premier episode of Living Richer, you’ll hear a little bit about who I am, why I started this podcast and what to expect in future episodes.

Simon Sinek TED Talk: Start with Why